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You can do it! Part 3 of 3


In part 2 of 3 of ‘You can do it!’ I spoke about how some people tell you, that you cannot achieve your dreams for a variety of reasons. I also mentioned that you know yourself better than anyone else, so if you are going to listen to anyone, then make sure it is someone who is an expert in their field. I also gave you four steps to follow to motivate you to pursue your dreams.

I now want you to think about ‘focus’ and ‘making every minute count,’ why? Because that helps you to achieve your dream, to just do it despite what anyone tells you. Here is my example:-

When I worked in one particular area of the Public Service I had to attend boring meetings which often lasted three hours. The boss and others spoke about the same issues over and over again, and never came up with a solution. So frustrating! The answer was so easy, but the leader and the organisation was such a [!], that nothing ever got resolved. It was a waste of time and public money.

I am not putting public servants down, in other departments of the Public Service I worked my butt off, as did the other workers. It was just this particular area. Anyway, the team meeting lingered on and on, and I spent the entire time writing as the discussions continued. The boss, then stopped speaking and asked me to repeat what I had written down in the minutes. I told her that I was not taking the minutes, that according to the roster, she was the minute taker.

The boss yelled at me, what the hell are you writing then if not the minutes? To which I proceeded to tell her all that was said in the meeting, [given I had heard it all before and knew it off by heart]. This made her even angrier as she looked at the roaster and realised it was indeed her who was meant to take minutes. You must have something written down she said, I have nothing documented for the auditor!

So, what are the points I am telling you here in ‘you can do it part 3 of 3’?

  1. There are times in life when you are just surrounded by idiots. Yes I was supposed to be concentrating on the job, and in other areas of work I did, but this meeting time was wasted due to poor management, and issues never being resolved. I was very productive in using my time in those meetings that often went on for 3 hours. What was I writing? My manuscripts for my books, and yes, I could still tell the boss what was happening in the useless meetings. I am not advocating for anyone to do this, it could get you in trouble at work. I am suggesting however, not to waste time in pursuing your dreams. Got a spare minute? Use it wisely!
  2. Focus on what you want to achieve by doing it on a regular basis, persistence is a key ingredient! Don’t worry about being perfect, be persistent! Get active and get it done!
  3. Disregard other people’s opinions is worth repeating to you because you can do it! Why is it worth repeating? I have been rubbished on occasions because of how I write. Does that mean I should stop writing? I am not going to listen to others, and neither should you. English is not my mother tongue, how I write is terrible. However, what I write is important to me. I empower others, I motivate others and that is what I do best!

What do you do best? What is it that you want to achieve in life? Forget about people who say you cannot achieve your dreams. Seek out expert advice, go on, you know you can do it!