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You can do it! Part 2 of 3


In part 1 of 3, ‘You can do it!’ I suggested you ignore people’s opinions who do not believe you can achieve your goals and dreams.

I mean, who knows you best of all, isn’t it you? It is your choice, not anyone else’s what you do with your life.

There are always people who will tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams for a variety of reasons.

  • They might think that your success will destroy or change the relationship they have with you.
  • They might just be self-opinionated or ignorant to the fact that goals and dreams can and do turn into reality.
  • They might be jealous of your success.

For whatever reason people try to discourage you from achieving your goals and dreams, their opinions are irrelevant to you.

Your dreams are no one else’s business, you do not have to prove anything to anyone. All you need to think about is what is best for you, and your future.

Make your own decisions in life, and do not be influenced by anyone else. It is your life, take responsibility for it and bask in your success!

Who is telling you that you cannot achieve your dreams anyway? Family? Friends? Workmates? Insignificant others? What qualifications do they have on the subject or goals you are working towards achieving? If none, then how is their opinion relevant?

So, how are you going to deal with this negativity from others?

Step one: – Accept they have the right to have their opinions, but disregard their opinions and aim for your goals and dreams anyway! So what if you stuff up a couple of times? Check out the millionaires and successful people, it is well documented that they make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and move on and become very successful.

Step two:- Deal with your emotions, emotions are normal, and if you are feeling lousy because someone is giving you a hard time, then concentrate on your goal and dreams even harder, stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve.

Step three: – Google is your friend, research as much information on your subject as possible, find people who are experts in your field of interest, and have them as your mentors.

Step four: – Take action! Implement your ideas! Hey, there is no stopping you! Be persistent!

It is your life! Live it to the max!