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Writing Fiction

Do you want to write fiction? If so why?
I have written Non- fiction such as self-development books and programs which has basically been a spin off from my Social Work days.
But there is another side to me, one which might reside with you too. Life can be an utter bore at times, you know those times waiting for a bus, sitting in a boring meeting at work. Those were the times I actually created my mystery thrillers in my mind to keep my sanity. Especially when sitting in the most boring work meetings. It was an escape from a job that never had any solutions to its problems. So I used to drift away into fantasy, my escape, it was more stimulating than listening to the crap that was being spoken about at work.
What is your story? Is there space somewhere in your life that you could fit in some story time?
• What is your reason for wanting to write fiction?
• Is there anything stopping you from writing?
• What will you write about? And
• What would be a good time to write?

We only live once. Get your dream plan moving and just write!