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Unfinished Business Part 1 of 3

Unfinished Business

Only a few weeks to 2014. Have you started to prepare for the New Year?
Hey wait! Have you actually closed 2013?

How many things do we do in life and leave them half undone, then wonder months or years later why some things are really annoying us ? It’s like they come from nowhere and hit us in the face. Like unresolved relationships and annoying situations? It’s called ‘Unfinished Business’.

As the year closes in, what ‘Unfinished Business’ can you identify that needs attending to before you can move onto the new goals you want to achieve in 2014?

Of course, you do not have to wait to the New Year, closing ‘Unfinished Business’ throughout the year is much easier. Some goals work, some goals do not work and there are many reasons for this. Maybe it is how you implemented the goals that did not work, maybe you needed to change some ideas completely or walk away from certain goals to create a totally new project or business altogether. Perhaps you needed to work harder on a relationship, or walk away from one, as it no longer works for you. It is good to close some things off yourself before you can set yourself some new adventures and goals.

So, close some doors; the doors, the relationships and things that no longer serve you in life and move forward.

Yes, I know, it is hard to do, there are times when it is easier just not to deal with ‘Unfinished Business.’ Well, in the short term anyway.

Next week, I will tell you how it can be done. I don’t guarantee it can be easy, only that it will allow you to move on in life, and plan for better success in the future by not having ‘Unfinished Business’ hanging over your head. Wipe the slate clean.

Delece Ford