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#Unemployment, #suicide and #Hope [Pat 3 of 3]

Useful conversations
Jan: Hi Kim, this is Ron and his neighbour, Jo I was telling you about.
Kim: It is good to meet you both; I believe you’ve had a rough time at the unemployment agency, Jo. It doesn’t sound like they were very helpful to you.
Jo: You don’t know the half of it, Kim. They had the hide to accuse me of not looking for work, being useless and needing to dress better. I was totally intimidated. I have applied for 156 jobs and been rejected 156 times. As time goes on, my clothes are wearing out and I cannot afford new ones. I only have one good outfit and that is for interviews. I’ve only been to three. I guess I am just too old or too fat or too … I don’t know.
Anyway, I got so worked up when they intimidated me again, I asked them if they would come and get me after I had strung myself up in the nearest tree. The woman told me to stop being stupid and go home. Fortunately for me, Ron took me to the hospital. The Psychologist and Social Worker were so good; they linked me up with a few support services and at last I feel I have hope– hope to get me through the day, the week and even get me a job.
Kim: So you don’t have a job yet?
Jo: No, but I have hope now. I know when I get so down, I have people I can ring for support and I’ve joined a group as well. Plus, I have done this ‘person centred plan’ where I have a case manager and we work towards my goals. Naturally, getting a job is one of them! It just makes a hell of a difference when there is someone to support you, hear what you have to say and guide you when you feel at your lowest. I really believe I will get a job, plus fulfil other goals I have had for some time. Just think, I almost did myself in because of that nasty woman at the unemployment agency. Now look at me; I have support. I am going to be OK.
Kim: I am so glad to hear that, Jo. Emotional support makes all the difference until you have the emotional strength to support yourself. So what are you going to say to that useless woman at the employment centre?
Jo: Not going to waste my breath on her. She can say what she likes. I know who to ask for help and who will support me in future. Anyway, I have got a new service provider now and they really know how to motivate people. I am so glad that Ron was around when things were getting really bad for me.
Ron: I am glad I could help.
Kim: Just remember these phone numbers if thoughts of suicide begin to dominate your mind again. Lifeline is 131114, suicide call back service is 13000659 467, you can go straight to your doctor who can refer you to a counsellor, or simply go straight up to the hospital.
Jo: Thanks everyone. I really appreciate what you have done for me.