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#Unemployment, #Suicide and #Hope [Part 2 of 3]

Useful conversations

Jan: Oh Kim, I’m just ringing to tell you the good news. Ron’s neighbour came home yesterday and she now has the right support and is feeling much better. Apparently, she had applied for 156 jobs and did not get one of them. She became so distressed when she couldn’t pay her bills and just lost hope altogether. She didn’t want to get so-called professional help because all they do is give people medication and direct them what to do. Things are changing though; in some places there’s a growing trend to use a programme called Partnering for Recovery.
Kim: Yes, I’ve heard about that system. It means that the professionals work with you. Clients are able to work in partnership with the professionals and say what they want to work towards. They write their goals down and are then supported by the professionals through the process of achieving them. It is not just the professionals telling you what to do or giving you ‘happy pills.’ They call it ‘client centred care’; the client is the driving force in achieving their goals with the support of the professionals. It works much better than the old way when the professional just told the clients what to do. Now the clients have ownership of what they will do and how they will participate, and the professionals’ role is one of support mainly.
Jan: If it’s OK, Ron’s neighbour would like to speak with you to tell you about her experiences. Is next week a good time?
Kim: Sure, bring her around. It will be good to see someone who has had a happy ending.