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As December 2013 closes in, what are your thoughts? Did you achieve everything you intended to this year? What could have you done differently? So many tasks to accomplish, so many priorities to decide between to achieve your ultimate success in life. But then, what is success? What does the word success mean to you? While you ponder on the word success, let me continue with my story.

Happiness is something we all want, well most of us anyway. I learnt very quickly when I was a practicing social worker that some people enjoy their problems, in fact thrive on them. However, I won’t continue on that subject in this story.
The happiness I am speaking about is a deep feeling of satisfaction, gratitude that is continuous throughout your life, not the temporary one, like when you go out and have a good time, or hear a joke. These are great to have, however, the deep happiness, is the one that comes from within you because of your contentment within yourself, your achievements, and your valuable relationships with family, friends and peace you have attained within yourself. There are many things we can do better on reflection, and that is great, as it gives us a great opportunity to learn and change things in the future. However, if not every task was completed despite working your butt off, how much does it matter? How well did you prioritise?

If you want something worthwhile, yes, you are going to work for it, and prioritising is important.
I would just like to mention however, that life is also about having fun, about enjoying yourself. You need to factor in your life some downtime, some family time, some friend time, and some time just for yourself; to rejuvenate. Looking after yourself will definitely make other areas of your life work better. So in 2014, what are you going to do differently from 2013? What valuable lesson have you learnt in 2013 that you do not intend to repeat in 2014?

Here is to you and your family having a happy and successful life in 2014, from Delece and Crew at Story Telling 4u2