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Story time for kids

Children’s day

Saturday, no school today. What are you going to do? Do you have something special planned?

Are you enjoying time with your family and/or friends? There are so many exciting things to do, we never need to get bored do we?

Billy the Farm Dog never gets bored. He is always up to some type of adventure, you can check him out on http://storytelling4children2 .

Tricksy the young Kelpie dog also lives on the farm and enjoys riding her motor bike to round up the cattle. Billy thinks that is a silly way to round cattle up, and running after them on foot is much more fun. Tricksy and Billy have a lot of differences in their personality, yet they both have a story to tell about their adventures.

Whatever you do today kids, make it safe and fun!

Delece http://storytelling4children2