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Six tips to Solve 'Unfinished Business' Part 2 of 3

Ready or not, we are almost there, 2014! So have you closed 2013 without any regret? Reflecting over your year, did you achieve everything you set out to?

While you reflect over your year, I’d like to focus on the ‘Unfinished Business’ in 2013 or go back even further if you have to and close the ‘Unfinished Business’ in your life. Then, you can be ready and fresh to take on the new challenges without any interruption of unresolved issues holding you back.

In part one, I said I would show you how closing ‘Unfinished Business’ can be done. This is not the only way to achieve this, but it is one way, and it sure beats putting up with any emotional feelings hanging over your head. So get ready to resolve your ‘Unfinished Business’ and move on.

Six Tips

1. Identify what really bugs you about what happened, whether it was a relationship or situation.
2. Think of a way, you would have dealt with it differently the second time around.
3. If you had a second chance at doing things differently, how would you go about it?
4. Define what outcome you are looking for yourself.
5. Get into action and just do it [have a plan]
6. Reflect, and move on.

Next week, I speak about 2014. What a fantastic year 2014 is going to be- so let us all move on with a clean slate, no matter what has happened to us in the past.

Delece Ford