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Set your Boundaries (Part 4 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

In part one of this series, I discussed how laughter is my major strength, and how I laugh in good and bad times alike. I have the ability to make my friends and clients laugh with my infectious laugh. I used this example simply to demonstrate to you the importance of utilising your best strength you have, that serves you well in good and bad times.

In part two of this series, I discussed your calling, that inner urge to do something that only you can deliver to the world, your mission that you have to complete on this earth.

In part three I discussed the importance of seeking your own counsel first before asking other people’s opinion about your problem, and to attempt to solve it yourself first

Note that part one to three of this series is about you. I am aiming this blog to the givers in life. I would like the givers in life to survive the journey- believe me, takers do not understand the meaning of being a giver and will wear you out if you do not set firm boundaries around you for protection. Make sure who you choose to walk the extra mile with and to assist them. There are the takers who will use you to the very end and suck you dry emotionally.

Part four of this series is about setting your boundaries from the very start, and if you have not done so yet, set them in place now for self-preservation. When I was young, I walked an extra mile with everyone who needed this; now I choose who I walk the extra mile with. It is great to help people who are in crisis and support them, then comes a time when they need to do things for themselves with assistance, and finally become independent.
However, some people who enjoy their drama and being a victim. My suggestion is; build boundaries between yourself and the person who constantly draws your energy from you. If you feel drained when speaking with certain people and you are not a counsellor – run a mile and let the professionals deal with them.

Keep away from these people they will burn you out. You have more important things to attend to in life, and that is to assist plenty of people who are genuine about having their problems solved and want to move on to a more productive life.

In conclusion: Use your major strength as much as you can, listen to your inner calling, seek your own counsel first and set your boundaries, so you do not get used and burn out.