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Saturday Children's Day

Percy the Possum
Hi kids, it’s storytime!
I love adventures, and I especially love sharing them with human children. You know, we can learn so much together. I know because I have some humans living in my back yard. I must laugh at times, as these humans are a bit misguided. They think I am living in their backyard. Really though, my possum family was here first and we have been living here for centuries.
It was peaceful until they moved into my back yard. They take up so much room. I mean, really, you only need a few trees.
I have a beautiful large mango tree in my garden. I love chewing into the fruit; it is so fat and juicy. I take a few bites then throw the rest on the roof of the shed. It makes such a loud noise, that the tall lady who lives in my backyard gets a fright and screams loudly. I can’t stop laughing! It is so funny to watch. Of course, she gets annoyed because she says they are her mangos and she can’t eat them now because I have slobbered all over them. I only take small bites but she goes on about germs.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself: Percy the possum at your service. I will be here every week from now on to continue telling you my lifetime adventures. So don’t forget to show up on Saturday because that’s kids’ day.
Bye ‘til next week, and please remember, whatever you do today kids, make it safe and fun!
Make sure you ask your parents before you come to this site or any other site.

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