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Saturday- Children's day. Percy the Possum

Children’s day

Hi Kids, this is your special day, no school today. Are you going to be creative? Play outside or read a book?

Perhaps you have a domesticated animal, and are going to play with him or her. Today I would like to speak about a wild animal. His name is Percy the Possum, and he has lived in different trees with his family, and once he even lived on top of a roller door in a garage.

Have you ever had a possum come into your home? What did he or she do? Percy and his sister visited some humans in their homes once, but they prefer living outside in the trees and enjoying the fresh air.

Have you ever had possums visit or live in some part of your home? You can write to me and tell me what happened if you like, but make sure you ask your parents first before you write to my site or any other site.

More stories next Saturday 24 January 2014
Whatever you do today kids, make it safe and fun!

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