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Prepare for Change

Who do you admire, respect and look up too in life and what qualities do they have that you would like to implement into your personality?
When I was a child, I admired three people; one constantly laughed irrespective of the circumstances she faced, the second was very emotionally strong and would challenge anything and anyone never giving up a challenge and the third was a very deep thinker and spiritual person. I remember thinking that I would be just like all three of them and tried to implement these qualities into my personality. I certainly achieved the laughing and challenging everything right up to 2011 when I stopped the challenge and laugher until 2013. I distinctively remember the day I stopped laughing. It was when I did not laugh at a statement that I would normally laugh at and think was hilarious. I became very serious as I questioned the statement, I questioned everything, everyone and what the point was that we were all working towards. I reviewed everything in my life and must say there is one aspect of it I never speak about- spirituality, the third person I admire.
No- don’t worry, I am still not going to talk about it, but you will definitely see a whole change in my work as I take a different approach in how I work.
I would be interested to know who you admire and why, and if you have managed to improve your life because of their influence in your life.