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Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse part 2 of 3

In the blog Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse, part 1 of 3, I spoke about sexual abuse regarding a ‘high profile’  that was discussed on TV by A Current Affair a couple of weeks ago.  As we all know, sexual abusers come from all walks of life; these grubs, these lowlife’s are nothing but a pathetic loser.

I want to make it quite clear, that there is no shame in being sexually abused. The shame belongs to the abuser who shockingly took you against your will. You had no control over what was happening to you at the time. But you do have control now! You can do something about your healing process: your mind, emotions, spirituality and body. So hold your head up high! Do not allow the incident/s of sexual abuse ruin your entire life! There is powerful healing to be sought. If you have for whatever reason, kept your abuse a secret and do not wish to discuss it with anyone, this program will suit you.

My on line program consist of 24 written modules and 24 audios addressing sexual abuse. It offers powerful healing from sexual abuse, it is not an easy subject for survivors of abuse to work through, but staying stuck emotionally in abuse is not easy either. It is time to move on and heal. Yes, it is hard! But you can do it! I have seen others achieve success and live a productive powerful life, and so can you.

So Hold Your Head up High!

Of course as a Social Worker and Counsellor, I will always advocate for people to speak with a reputable counsellor on a one to one, face to face, basis in counselling sessions, as these sessions are tailor made for your specific issues.

I must emphasize that children who have been abused must be taken for counselling and medical attention immediately.

You can live a great life in future, and the abuse does not have to dominate your entire life. I have actually seen it achieved. You can do it!


Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse is an online program coming soon, think about it. It could change your life, or a life of someone you care about.


Delece Ford