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Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse part 1 of 3

For those of you who watched A Current Affair in Brisbane this week would have seen the interview they did with cast members of a popular TV series, aired on another channel some 20 years ago.
It was discussed on A Current Affair with some cast members of the TV series that the main character in the show, had sexually abused one of the children on set, and that despite concerned people advising the hierarchy on the show, nothing was done about the situation because they had high rating of that TV series and wanted this to continue.
I will not go into this further, it was on TV for all to see. I would like to make a point, a very important point.  Sexual Abuse is kept a secret for many reasons;
1. The abuser is a high flyer, and so people do not want to do anything about it.
2. Perhaps the abuser has threatened the person not to tell and the person is scared of the consequences if they do tell others.
3. The survivor of abuse is too scared, or intimidated and cannot do anything about the situation.
4. The survivor thinks they will not be believed, or assisted or there might even be some religious reasons for not mentioning the abuse.
5.  Shame, and while I use the word shame, let me be quite clear, there is no shame in being abused. The shame belongs to the abuser, the lowlife, the pathetic loser. The word shame is only used by people who are not living in the 21st century.
As a Social Worker and Counsellor, I have seen many people who have been sexually abused, and yes, that also includes men. I have seen many people who have come for counselling many years after the abuse, they have carried the abuse in their mind and emotions for years for the above reasons and also other reasons.
Many people will continue to keep abuse a secret, and while I advocate for people to speak with a reputable counsellor on a one to one basis in counselling sessions, I understand if they find this difficult. For this reason, I have made a program on line for people who have been sexually abused, where they can access 24 written modules and 24 audios addressing sexual abuse. I must say, this is not the most effective way to work through abuse, as it is not tailor made for people’s specific needs, however, it certainly will assist people until they are ready to visit their own counsellor, and if they choose to go it alone, they will find it quite beneficial.  This program will be available in the very near future, I will keep you updated when it will be ready. I would like to make it clear, this on line program is not suitable for children, and children who have been abused need immediate attention from professional counsellor and medical assistance, and should never be kept a secret.
I would like to conclude with a poem I wrote for people who have been abused by a high flyer, this poem is in the program, and used  as an affirmation, or to get the lowlife out of their system.
I Don’t Care
You might be famous, but not to me;
You should pray for forgiveness on bended knee.
But you would not know how to repent;
Your brain is twisted and ever so bent.
Your prestige gets you off the hook;
You don’t care that my freedom was what you took.
Your rich lawyers with their fancy words;
Get you off, you lowlife turd.
But mud from the news really does stick;
And you will be tarnished you arrogant prick.
The world knows that something is wrong;
Your reputation has had the gong.
I’m in complete control of my feelings and mind;
You lowlife, you’ll never hold me in a bind.
I love life because I am free;
You’ll never have control over me.
It does not matter what has happened to me;
I hold my head up high for all to see.
I have little time to think about you;
My life is filled with all that’s great and new.
My body, mind and soul have all been set free;
And I am so glad that I am beautiful me!
You can live a great life in future, and the abuse does not have to dominate your entire life. I have actually seen it achieved. You can do it!