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New Year’s Resolutions; Why Bother Making Them?

2017 is approaching fast, and it won’t be long before people are making New Year resolutions. My question is; why make them at all?

I mean do you keep them? If you do, I am sure you must be in the minority. I never bother with them myself because it is too much of an effort. This is what I do; I always have a goal that I am working on, and every three months I review it and ask myself;

1] Is this goal I am working on coming to fruition?

2] If not, what do I need to refine the process to make it work? I take small steps in the goal all the time, not an unrealistic massive goal at the end of the year.

3] Am I still focused on what I am doing in these three months to carry this goal as I should be?  Or

4] Do I need to scrap this idea and do something else altogether?

So you see; whatever I am working on, I review it on a regular basis, make the necessary changes or if it is going well, just remain focused and keep going with it. That way it is not such a big shock to the system to say, hey it is a New Year, now I am going to make all these massive changes in my life which are impossible to stick to.

My idea is to take smaller, more regular steps; it works much better that is for sure.