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New Year's Resolutions 2013

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

How are you going with your New Year’s resolution? Keeping to them? Or have some been broken already? Why is it so hard to keep them? Year after year, people make them; you can hear the words that hang in the air every January 1st? ‘This time I am going to achieve it, no matter what!’ Yet, before you know it, it’s back to the same old pattern and the year is half-gone. ‘Oh well, there is always next year to try again, isn’t there?’

Let’s look at four points (yes, that’s all, four) that might help at this time of year.
1. How many resolutions did you make? Okay, so you’ve decided you want to make major changes. How realistic is this? If you do it one small step at a time, you have a much better chance of making it work. Do not have more than four resolutions per year; four is the maximum.
2. Prioritise. Which one is the most important for you to achieve right now? Pick one and that is what we are going to work on first. The others will be on hold for the moment.
3. The one that you chose as your top priority will be the one on which we are going to concentrate. For three months, keeping that resolution is going to be your goal. Focus intensely on resolving this one issue ‘til the end of March 2013. It doesn’t matter what it is – whether it’s losing weight, giving up smoking, increasing study time – the process you go through is what’s important. Think about these points:
• Why now? What is it about this particular time that makes you want to change this habit?
• How are you going to do this? Do you have a plan? What is the plan? Have you joined a program like ‘quit smoking’? Do you plan to use patches to quit smoking? If weight is your concern, have you chosen a personal trainer? Are you going to a gym or signing up for some program to lose weight? The details of which group to join for losing weight or giving up smoking are again less important than the process you go through. You probably already know the names of pertinent organisations and if not Google can be your friend. And of course, different techniques work for different people, so specific recommendations would be ineffectual. You need to do the research to find your own perfect fit.
4. If you fall off the wagon, so what! Get back up and try again. It is only the first month of the year. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Habits take time to form and even longer to break. So try again.

Summary: prioritise and choose one New Year’s resolution; plan to work on this for the next three months ‘til the end of March 2013; ask yourself why you want to change this habit at this time; make a specific plan; if you break your plan, so what – too bad, so sad; try it again and again and …

Persistence is the clue! Good luck!