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New Year’s 2013 Resolution – Part two

New Year’s 2013 Resolution – Part two
Have you decided which New Year’s resolution you are going to work on for the next three months? What difference will it make to your life when you conquer this? Write this answer down so you can refer to it whenever you need to. It’s going to be like a contract with yourself. By doing this, your chosen resolution is not just an idea in your head but a visual representation as well. This will reinforce the image of succeeding in achieving your goal.

Another question for you to consider is, why now? Write down your answer to this question too. What is the significance of trying to conquer this difficulty now? Has something specific happened that has made you realise you need to focus on this area in your life in order to change it for the better? Or is it just that it’s New Year and that is what everyone does at this time of year?
If you are not already beginning to achieve your goal as you would like to, here is something to think about. Why couldn’t you make a resolution at anytime of the year to achieve this goal? Why wait for New Year? What would happen if you made a conscious effort every three months to make some change in your life? The process of planning how you are going to achieve it and asking people to support you through it is the same – no matter when you do it. If you stuff up, you need to be able to say, too bad, so sad, I am going to beat this. Then you can begin again to work on the resolution.

Old habits are hard to break; new habits are hard to integrate in your life. But if you really want to meet your target, it is definitely worth the effort. The clue is to do it over and over again, until you achieve it. Hard work? Yes! But if you want to achieve it, it’s up to you. Because you are only working on one resolution at a time, it is going to be much easier to achieve. Don’t think of it as a New Year’s resolution, think of it as a step you’re taking to improve your life every day. Some days are great; some days you’ll stuff up. Too bad, so sad.

Reinforce this mantra in your mind. If I have a bad day, too bad, so sad. I am not waiting another year to start again; the time to be persistent, persistent, and persistent is now. I am committed to conquering this goal, the hard work will be worth the advantages I will have in my life by achieving this goal for myself.

Write a contract for yourself today. Include the following questions:
• What difference will it make in my life when I conquer this problem and achieve this goal?
• Why do I want to conquer this now?
• What is the significance of my timing?
• Do I have the right support people and programs to help me achieve this goal?