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New Mindset Part 3 of 3

So you want to be successful in 2014, in both your personal and business life? Fantastic! Let me get straight to the point and not waste your time.

Here are 3 tips you can add to your own ideas to have an excellent year in 2014.

1] Persistence is a word you probably have heard numerous times, to be persistent is a great way to achieve your goals. How about looking at this in a completely different way. There are times in life to be persistent, and times in life to walk away from a situation. Walking away is not giving up, it is merely thinking there is a better way to achieve your goals. There is a difference between being persistent and being pure pigheaded about your ideas. The key idea is to be flexible enough to think about ideas from many different angles, and be prepared to change in areas to be successful, and yes, going out of your comfort zone.

2] You made a mistake, so what? Try looking at your mistakes in a different way. Do not feel stupid or ashamed if you made a mistake, if people make fun of you because you made a mistake, then they are the stupid ones. Have you read where entrepreneurs, and millionaires say they have made mistakes?
They learn by their mistakes, that is why they are successful. Unfortunately, most of us are taught in the ‘main stream’ that mistakes are not to be made and we should get what we are working on right the first or second time.

How many times does it take inventors to get things right before we can use the products? Life without electricity, medications, IT, etc, would be completely different, wouldn’t it?

3] I am not perfect and I don’t care. This does not mean I do not do the best that I can in whatever I am doing, it just means, I am not going to ‘sweat on the small stuff.’ For example,

I once had a boss who was a perfectionist to such an extent that it drove me and other workers crazy. Everything had to be done, redone and redone again. The outcome of this was deadlines were never met, workers were completely stressed out, workers lost confidence in themselves and worked like robots. Creativity in the workplace was zero, and when workers made mistakes, they were humiliated by the boss. Praise for good work was zero.

So how do these 3 tips help you to make 2014 different?

1] Be flexible in your goal setting, know when to be persistent and when to walk away from ideas that are not working and pursue a different way to achieve your goal.
2] If you make a mistake, ‘too bad, so sad’ learn from it, and move on. If other people are a pain and criticize you about it. Instead of feeling stupid, think, wow, now I can be creative and do better, be indifferent to them, they are the inflexible stupid ones.
3] There is perfection and stupidity, know the difference. Do things to the best of your ability, produce the best quality services you can, but not to the extent of stupidity, we all make mistakes, learn and move on from it.

I will be back Friday the 24th January 2014
Wow, by then it will be week 4 of 2014, so I will be discussing your new year’s resolutions. Oh? You have fallen off the wagon? Don’t worry about it, it’s time to be realistic about your New Year’s resolutions, and how your whole year is going to be productive.

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