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New Mindset Part 1of 3

In December 2013 I blogged a poem saying good bye to 2013, perhaps you would like to look at that again [on my site] before reading on.
So here we are everyone, starting out in 2014 a brand new year, brand new goals and ideas.

We are definitely going to leave all the bad things behind, right?
We definitely have identified all that bugged us in 2013 and not dragging them into 2014, right?
Everything is going to be just great, right?

Excellent! Then ask yourself the question, how are you going to do it differently? As Einstein has said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Have you seen people try to do this time after time, have you actually done it yourself? In the past I know I have on different occasions. So why should this year be any different?

I leave you with two questions to think about until next Friday 10/01/2014
1. How are you going to do things differently this year to be successful in your personal or business life, than you did in 2013
2. Why will this year be different?

It’s your life, you make the choices.

Delece Ford: