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About Delece

Delece Fors Story Telling 4u2

My mission in life is to.
1. Motivate, educate, empower and entertain people to live their lives to their full potential. That is my mission!

2. Promote tailored skills and techniques for people to learn how to become self- sufficient, self-confident by solving their own problems through the medium of storytelling, writing and speaking. That is how I do it!

3. Laugh and feel the fulfillment in oneself. That is what I hope people will copy from me.

It has always fascinated me since childhood how some people do really well in the most diverse situations, while others appear to struggle and find it difficult to cope. That is why I motivate people to achieve their goals, and dreams through my training programs, speaking events and storytelling.

Story Telling 4u2 developed into a small business because I always used storytelling as my preferred way to communicate. Whether this was working with adults, families or children in my counselling sessions as a Social Worker, or just socializing, I always have a story to tell.

I began writing non-fiction programs on self-development as an extension of my Social Work practice. I love working with people from all walks of life to assist them to achieve their goals. One of my favourite sayings is; we only live once, live it to the max!

I believe in taking responsibility for our lives; irrespective of what has happened in the past. It is not what happens to us in life, it is how we act to what happens to us and what action we take to solve it that is important.

I love mystery thrillers and would watch these shows to unwind from a stressful day’s work being a Social Worker. I now I write my own mystery thrillers and I am currently writing a series.

Delece Ford