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Living a Balanced Life (Part 6 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

One way of living a balanced life is using your major strength on a daily basis, following your calling or dream to achieve what you really want to on this earth. It is about not getting confused by other people’s advice and seeking your own counsel first and making sure your boundaries are set in place, so you do not get used and abused by people who are only interested in using you. It is also about fun, fun and more fun! Life is to be enjoyed, after all, who wants to be here on earth if we are not going to enjoy ourselves.

Living a balanced if is definitely about learning new things and not getting stuck in our old ways, and discarding what no longer works or serves us. This also includes the pretend friends. Oh yes, we have all had those pretend friends and as sad or hurtful as it is at times, there are some people in our lives that we would be better without.

What does having a balanced life mean anyway? The way I see it, having all the parts in our lives working well together. If we have lost focus on something, bring it back into focus, if we have lost interest, let it go, if we have found something more fulfilling, bring it into our lives. As time goes on, our tastes and ideas change, so just having a quick check that everything is still balanced is great. Are you having as much fun as you should, or working in a place you like? At the end of the day, it is our lives, to live how we choose and not to be dominated by others.

Yep! What makes you whole, is something only you can decide. It is your life, live it the way you want to.