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Flooding with enthusiasm to fulfill your dreams!

How can I possibly speak about being enthusiastic while many Queen -slanders, as well as people from other states in Australia, are going through such devastation with all the floods at the moment? Everyone is being affected in one way or another, be it directly-by having their own homes flooded and losing their life’s possessions, property or business-  or indirectly- by being cut off from places they need to be, or having a family member or friend who has been affected by the floods.

Believe it  or not, that is very easy to answer. It is not about what happens to you, but how you deal with what happens to you, that allows you to be enthusiastic about life or not.

In my video blog , I gave a formula for how you can be enthusiastic despite what happens in your life. If you saw it, did you apply it to yourself? Let’s look at some of the outcomes that occurred in people’s lives becasue of the floods.

Firstly, let’s look at the people who were directly affected by the floods.

  • some people lost absolutely everything they owned, whether at a personal or business level, and they were devastated and walked away.
  • others in the same situation took it all in their stride and said they would rebuild, or that they were down but not defeated.

See the difference in how people dealt with, and reacted to, the same situation?  Both were going through the same circumstances; both would have to deal with their grief over loss of property or someone they cared for; but their reactions were different.

Secondly, let’s look at the people who were indirectly affected by the flood.

  • There  were everyday people being heroes at great risk to their own lives. They rescued people who  were standing on the roofs of their houses or cars.
  • After the floods, numerous volunteers went to flood areas and scraped mud out of people’s homes, washed these homes and threw out the damaged goods.
  • Numerous volunteers helped the homeless by working in community recovery centres.
  • They assisted them with attaining monetary assistance to help rebuild their lives.
  • People donated money to assist in helping those who had been directly affected by the floods.
  • There were also looters, helping themselves to other people’s possessions when those who were flooded were truly down on their luck.
  • There were also scammers out for all they could get from the people who were flooded, gaining extra money for themselves because of the misfortune of others.

The people who were directly affected by the flood and who chose to deal with their grief and not be defeated by the devastation:

  1. recharged themselves with enthusiasm whether they felt enthusiastic or not. They did not lose heart and decided that the floods were not going to break them emotionally. They imagined they were enthusiastic until it became a reality.
  2. recharged themselves with energy, fulfilling their lives by replacing their  negative thinking with positive thinking. Despite their grief and the struggle it has been for them, they moved forward.
  3. believed  that they could do it, could rebuild their homes and businesses. They are working to make their dreams and goals work despite the circumstances.
  4. are working on their dreams until they turn into reality.
  5. keep reaffirming in their minds that their goals will be achieved. They believe that they will rebuild and that they will be strong emotionally and have a great life, despite what they have lost.
  6. motivate themselves. They  do not rely on other people to do it for them.
  7. do not wait for everything to be perfect; they just do it, one step at a time. They clean the mud from their homes, throw things out, check their losses, see what can be salvaged and plan how they can start again. They check and re-check their  emotions and how they are dealing with their grief, and they  move forward in a positive frame of mind to achieved their goals
  8. take control of their own life and move on. [Ref; eight point formula found in the book,  “The power to be Yourslef” by Delece Ford; second edition 2008]

There is a big difference between the people who lost heart, found it difficult to cope with the situation and moved away, and those who chose to begin the rebuilding. Some years later, you will find that the people who dealt with the same situation in a negative way will not be as successful as those who decided to deal with their situation positively. They did not allow their grief, their traumatic situation,  to destroy their soul. They will be flooding with enthusiasm, despite what life throws at them in life.

Of course, there are also the stories about the people who were indirectly affected by the floods but who assissted in one way or another. You can apply the formula to them too, as they certainly reacted to the devastation and other people’s despair in a positive way. This is totally different from the looters and scammers who principally took advantage of others. 

It  is true that there is devastation in many countries, but I live in Queensland and am using Queensland stories to illustrate what has happened and will continue to happen. But you can apply the eight-step formula to your situation in life. It might be cirmustances external to yourself or an issue you are dealing with personally.

What is holding you back from doing the things your really want to do in life despite what happens around you or to you? Yes, it will cost you! You will have to put some effort into what you want  to achieve. But isn’t that better than the frustration you experience by not fulfilling your own dreams?

Take action! You can do it!