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Enjoy life, Make it Fun (Part 5 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

Life is about having fun; it is not about taking life seriously all the time. You are here on earth to enjoy yourselves! Do what it is you enjoy doing! I am aiming this blog to the givers, not the takers; the takers will take everything you have, including that extra mile. So givers, first it is about self-care; once you make sure you are filled with enthusiasm, fun, and everything that makes you, then you can give to others. Often with the givers, you were most likely taught to give to others before looking after yourself, it is like this; eventually, if you do not include fun and looking after yourself in your lifestyle you will simply run emotionally dry.

Let me tell you about two social workers I worked with once, and how their ideas were totally different and so was the outcome.

Social Worker one; this social worker was very angry with me because I would not do some voluntary work on the weekend, she said I was not committed to the cause. I said I wanted to have fun on the weekend with friends, I had worked hard all week and the week-end was mine.

The second social worker said to me; pretend you are a jug of water and have many glasses to fill with water. The jug represents you, and the water represents everything you are giving the clients. The glasses of water represent all the clients, and the water represents all that you have given them. Soon you will run out of water as the glasses are demanding and want more water. You need to fill up your jug [you] with water [fun!] Self-care and surrounding yourself with positive people is the best way to give more to your clients. Once your jug is empty, all will go thirsty especially you, as you will have nothing to give.

26 years later, the first social worker was burnt out, the second was having a great time in her personal life and still practicing social work.

Which story do you prefer?