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Dynamite the Dingo Part 2 of 3 [animal advocate]

Hi Humans, I would like to pick another bone with you lot.

When you come to visit our lovely home at Frazer Island, do not leave your processed food around, or  give it to us, it is rubbish. Naturally, some of our dingos in our pack, are more curious than others, and will check the food out and eat your rubbish.

We can get our own food, as we have always done. We do not need you, and do not have to rely on you. We are wild animals, get it? We want to be left alone!

You humans have bad diets, and if that is what you want to continue doing, do it. We however, do not want to be part of it, we do not want to get sick eating rubbish food. So don’t feed us, we want to stay healthy, and we want to be free on our land, and wander around as we have always done. Find yourselves another island, or better still go to the cities you stupid humans!

From Dynamite the Dingo and Delece Ford