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Dream it, action it, and be Realistic Part 1 of 3

Dreams need action for them to work, and you also need to be realistic in your approach to be successful in your personal and business life.

In my previous blog, ‘New Mind Set part 3 of 3,’ I gave you three tips for you to have an excellent year in 2014.

1] Flexibility- knowing when to be persistent and when to walk away from your goals or situations.
2] Mistakes are just part of learning, make them, learn from them and move on. Do not give up.
3] There is a definite difference between perfectionism and stupidity.

So here is my take on New Year’s resolutions. It is already week four of 2014 and time to get moving. It is so simple when we cut things into smaller pieces and deal with smaller bits at a time.

Instead of dealing with 12 months in a year, how about you concentrate only on 3 months at a time, for example, work on one goal from January to March and review it in March.

Work on a second goal for the next three months and so on.

Of course if the goal is a big one and you need more time than three months, make sure you continue to review it and refine it as you go along. Do a small review every month to see how it is going, what needs changing, adjusting and improving etc, and a big review every three months. Then you no longer need any more New Year’s resolutions, as it is just a matter of improving yourself on an ongoing basis. Changing, improving and learning as you go along bit by bit is much easier, isn’t it?

January and February- Action goal one + review and refine at the end of the month. March- Big review + refine goal one
April and May- Action goal two + review and refine at the end of the month. June Big review goal one, two and refine.
July and August– Action goal three + review and refine end of month September Big review goals two,three and refine.
October and November Action goal four +review and refine end of month. December Big review goals three and four, and refine.

This is a much better way to achieve your goals, don’t you think?
Be realistic, it is so easy. Stuff it up, fix it up, learn from it and move on.

Delece Ford: