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Do you have a calling? (Part 2 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

Do you have a calling, you know, that inner urge to do something that only you can deliver to the world.

You can deliver this through any pathway such as; your work, career, vocation, hobby, or your professional and personal life. It is your mission, your passion to do so. You know it is something that you have to do before you leave the earth, and you will not be happy until you get this done. Whatever your mission is, and whatever you choose to call it, your calling, your purpose in life or your passion you must do it.

At times we get derailed, lose focus, and get discouraged, that is human. That is when we need to rest both emotionally and physically, but we must never abandon our calling. There are times when we can get caught up with the tiny things in life, the daily drag, that we forget the bigger picture. We are part of the bigger picture, we are not the big picture, and we need to look beyond ourselves and to contribute to others. The question is; what is your message to the world and how are you going to contribute?

We all have a part to contribute to the world in many different ways, and all are important. For example; the surgeon operates and saves lives and patients are extremely happy to live longer to fulfill their dreams. Stop and think for a moment about the person who cleans the operating theatre, are they important? If they did not clean the theatre, there would be deadly germs, killer germs that actually do people great damage health wise. Can the surgeon manage without the person who cleans the theatre? We all need each other in so many ways, we are all part of the human race, and all of us, need to contribute our something to the world in our unique way, it is our calling. Of course, other people can do things that you do, but only you can do it the way you are meant to.

We only live once, let’s make the most of very minute and achieve our dreams, our calling.