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Deadlines! Time Management and Stress [Part 3 of 3]

Useful Conversations
Kim: You are a cruel woman Jan, keeping me in suspense like this for a week. What other improvements have come your way since you have been practising time and self management?
Jan: Well, you know all the time I’d been spending babysitting that neighbour’s kids so she could go out and have fun? I use that time now to study. I have wanted to do this study for such a long time. I enrolled in a part-time, online course and when I’m qualified in a year, I hope to get a better job, get more money and provide more for my own kids. I’ve wanted to do that for such a long, long time. I don’t mind babysitting occasionally, but finally I recognised that I was just being used over and again. Once I said no the first time, I could say it with more confidence the next time and the next time.
So for me, being focused on what I wanted to do – studying, saying no sometimes and prioritising – has already really changed my life. I can’t wait to see the difference once I am qualified and have a better job in the future.
Kim: What about your stress levels Jan?
Jan: I can deal with things much better now that I have more time to relax. Things that used to stress me just don’t have the same impact. I am so happy with the new me.