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The Power, the Capture and Release a Nurse’s Revenge

The Power, the Capture and Release a Nurse’s RevengeIs a mystery triller novel and set in a country town in Queensland. It is about a well-respected nurse who is attacked by a serial killer and becomes so angry that she plans to get her revenge by punishing the serial killer in an illegal and painful way. The nurse seeks justice not only for herself; but on behalf of all women who have suffered at the hands of violence.

In doing so, she involves other respectable members of the community to take part in her pursuit to get even with the alleged serial killer. Against their better judgement they become involved and are unable to refuse assistance, thus becoming entangled in a web of deceit.

Price: $20.00

Adventures of Billy the Farm Dog

Adventures of Billy the Farm Dog by Delece FordThis is the story of a dog called Billy who lives on a farm. He has lived there for years and often has a yarn to his mate Tricksy. They often argue about who is top dog – they both think they are. One thing they do both agree on is that Peter, who is only a pet dog, is not a real working cattle dog like them. Billy and Tricksy often have a laugh about Peter. They know he is spoilt rotten and has an easy life living on a farm up in Blackbutt.The book has a fascinating ending and you can participate in the book as well. How? You will see by the end of the book that you have become involved in the story – almost like you had written it yourself.

Price: $15.00

Adventures of Percy the Possum

Adventures of Percy the Possum by Delece FordPercy’s adventures are written from a possum’s perspective, his experiences with humans, and his adventure with his family while exploring planet Earth. Percy wants children to know what it feels like to be a native animal being invaded by humans, humans who want to build their houses on his land without asking permission. Percy believes that humans do not need to be greedy as there is plenty of land for both humans and native animals – if only the humans would learn to share and get along together.Percy the Brush Tail Possum is an Australian native animal. He believes that by sharing his adventures and fun with his family, children will want to know more about native animals in their own countries.

Price: $15.00

The Power to be Yourself

The Power to be Yourself by Delece FordAre you fed up with people’s expectations of what you should or should not be doing in life? Would you love to have the power just to be yourself, to do as you please without worrying about other people’s criticisms of you, your decisions or your attitude?

Would you love to have the power to stop people from harassing you, to put bullies, obnoxious workmates or well-meaning family members in their place when they are interfering in your life?

You can!

Take charge of your life by giving people a clear message that you are in control of what you do. Put them in their place assertively so that you can enjoy the most out of life – your way, not their way.

You have one life! Do not give other people the power to control it for you.

One chance, one life! Make the most of it! It is yours!

Price: $25.00

Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse

The Power to Conquer Rape by Delece FordIs it possible to live a powerful, happy fulfilled life after abuse? It definitely is! It is amazing just how great life can be!

Abuse does not have to remain embedded in people’s lives; it is possible to move on and leave it all behind! There is a great future ahead and a healthy, happy life to match. Yes, dealing with abuse is hard work, but it’s not as difficult as remaining stuck in the past, weighed down by what happened.

You can move on, take the challenge!  You deserve it! There is a great life up ahead just waiting for you to enjoy it!


Price: $30.00

About the author

Delece Ford - storyteller, motivational speaker, author, coach

I am a storyteller, speaker and author.  I have always been interested in storytelling, probably because of a childhood few would call ‘average’. Living in a third world country and exposed too many adventures, I simply believed that this was just ‘life’ and that everyone was experiencing the same everyday escapades that I was. This, combined with my later experiences as a social worker, has ensured that I have a veritable goldmine of sources so necessary for the proficient storyteller. I have been humbled when observing people’s fascinating behaviours and these have formed the basis of many of my stories. I no longer work as a Social Worker and counselor, but will be forever grateful for the experiences this time gave me.

I have written and continue to write a number of books under the series title: ‘Power 4u2 Books’ ©. These include:

The Stories

Co-written children’s books

  • •    Adventures of Percy the Possum, 2nd 2009 by Delece and Berynice Ford
  • •    Adventures of Billy the Farm Dog, 1st 2013 by Delece and Berynice Ford


Self-help books

  • •    The Power to be Yourself, 2nd 2008 by Delece Ford
  • •    Powerful Healing from Sexual Abuse, 1st 2015 by Delece Ford



The Power, the Capture and Release. The Nurse’s Revenge 1st Ed by D.N.Ford