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Be a Woman, use your Brain {Part 1}

Be a Woman, use your Brain
Are you living life to your full expectation by pursuing your goals and dreams? Or are you living according to other people’s expectations?
Are you doing all that is expected of you by others, but feel unsatisfied or utterly miserable because you are not fulfilling your goals and meeting your own needs? If so, then maybe it is time to evaluate yourself, your circumstances and current situation. It is time for you to choose whether;
• You will not make changes in your life and remain unfulfilled for whatever reason or
• Make changes to suit your needs and feel alive!
Women are not just a uterus walking on two legs, women have a brain, and for some woman, it is time to use it. Women were created with a brain, a uterus and everything in between. If you don’t use your brain, then the talents and skills the creator gave you are going to waste.
Yes women are known to be nurtures, and some are practical, but we have this magnificent brain, and if we do not use it, we are disrespecting the creator that gave us the talents and skills to be used.
In 2008 I wrote the book ‘The Power to be yourself, ‘it is about having self-confidence and not being intimidated by others, it is about how to stand up for your rights. You were given talents and skills to use to make the most of your life; you were not meant to be subservient to anyone. If you were meant to be subservient to others, you would not have been given such a powerful brain to use.
Here are some questions for you to think about if you are not using all your skills and talents that were given to you
1. Can you be happy living the rest of your life pleasing others, and live to their expectations, and if so, why?
2. Are you prepared to be miserable for the rest of your life to please someone else at the expense of your happiness? Why?
3. What are you losing if you do not change your life to meet your needs?
4. What are you losing if you do change your life to suit yourself?
5. What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

Health and Safety
We all know about health and safety at work and other areas. Just think about what happens when you are on an airplane. You are told that if anything should happen the oxygen masks will fall down in front of you, and you are to put the mask on your face first before anyone else. If you have passed out from lack of oxygen, you are not going to put it on your children or anyone else for that matter. You need to look after yourself first, and only then can you help others to your full potential. I am not speaking about being self-centred, and greedy here, I am speaking about making sure you take care of yourself first, then, and only then can you give the best to others. If you are an empath and have difficulty accepting this, just think, the more you use your brain and fulfil your life first, the better quality services you can give to others. The same applies to all women. So ladies, let’s take it to the next level, take care of yourself first, by using your brains and show everyone what you are made of, and create a great life for yourself and others.
1. Make a choice, are you are going to use your brain to its full potential or just let it go to waste.
2. Are you going to take control of your life by using your brain or let someone else control your life for you?