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Are the Earthlings Worth Saving?

Would it matter if the earth went off course and crashed into the other planets?
What does the creator and the Archangels say about the human race? Do they question what the human race have created, manifested with the beautiful earth which was given to us asked the human?
There are times when we wonder if it was worth breathing life into you humans. The greed, the wars, the power to overtake and destroy other people and their lands. The disrespect for nature and the wild animals is endless answered Archangel-1.
Archangel-2 interrupted the conversation between the human and Archangel 1. There are still humans who love, who care for each other- who are carrying out our mission helping the needy – taking care of the animals. We will not let the planet spin off course. We will teach, you, humans a lesson and just have a few more earthquakes in 2017 and some other disasters to shake you mob into your senses.
I feel annoyed said Archangel-1, how many more angels disguised as humans do we have to send to earth to show the humans the way, and they still do not get the message?
Archangel-2 and his angels were more compassionate than Archangel-1, and responded. As long as there is hope, and some humans carry out our mission we will preserve the earth.
Is there a specific message for us asked the human? Yes answered Archangel-2; take care of the earth we gave you, look after each other and the animals and get your egos under control. There is plenty of resources on earth for everyone, if only you humans would learn to share.
Archangel-1, burst out laughing; we continue on our long journey then, as these humans never learn.
I know what you mean answered Archangel-2, it is just as well I have a sense of humour to cope with the humans. The humans are exasperating at times, but the laws of the universe must be abided by, and we all need to carry out our mission, humans, angels and archangels alike.