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Advice is freely given (Part 3 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

Have you ever asked someone for advice, then discussed the problem with someone else for a second opinion, which contradicted the first piece of advice? Then what? You are more confused than ever in what you should be doing.
Take heart, seek your own counsel, it works, let me explain; your body gives you the information you need. The problem is, we just do not listen to ourselves. I am sure at some stage in life, you have met a person and get that gut feeling, oh no, there is something about that person I do not like. You can feel it, you can’t always explain it, but you feel it in the pit of your stomach, in your body, and you just sense something is not quite right, it is a warning signal that that person is not ok. It is the same when listening to your body signals for self-advice.

I have had people come to me on a regular basis to sort out their difficulties and truly, many of the difficulties could have been solved by themselves. Here are a few things to consider before asking other people for advice;

• What advice would you give yourself if you knew you could not fail?
• Have you sat in a quiet place and just asked yourself the question? Have you sat there long enough for an answer? Many times you will hear your own answer, just like your body tells you when you do not feel comfortable in the company of certain people. Work it out for yourself, if it feels right then just do it before you go and ask someone else their opinion.
• Trust your own intuition more, you can do this with more practice by asking yourself for the answers, besides, who knows you better than yourself?
• Of course, if you have been asking people for advice for a long time about everything expect a bit of opposition when you first practice being self-reliant and listen to your own intuition. People just love to give advice and will continue to do so whether you want it or not. Just be polite and say, thanks, I’ve got this one. Also, it will be strange at first to listen to yourself, just go with it, practice is good. If you get it wrong to start off with, well just think, how many people’s advice have you listened to in the past that was not the right advice for you.
• Advice is given freely, anyone will give you advice, whether you want it or not, but it does not mean it is good advice. First, seek your own counsel.

Does this mean you should never take advice from anyone? Definitely not!
• There are times to bounce your ideas off people.
• Times to ask doctors, other professionals, trades people, friends, family, etc. for advice that are out of your field of expertise. What I am referring to is that if it is a personal issue, first try to answer the question yourself before you seek assistance. You might just find your answer is better suited to yourself.