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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Living a Balanced Life (Part 6 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

One way of living a balanced life is using your major strength on a daily basis, following your calling or dream to achieve what you really want to on this earth. It is about not getting confused by other people’s advice and seeking your own counsel first and making sure your boundaries are set in […]

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Enjoy life, Make it Fun (Part 5 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

Life is about having fun; it is not about taking life seriously all the time. You are here on earth to enjoy yourselves! Do what it is you enjoy doing! I am aiming this blog to the givers, not the takers; the takers will take everything you have, including that extra mile. So givers, first […]

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Set your Boundaries (Part 4 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

In part one of this series, I discussed how laughter is my major strength, and how I laugh in good and bad times alike. I have the ability to make my friends and clients laugh with my infectious laugh. I used this example simply to demonstrate to you the importance of utilising your best strength […]

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Advice is freely given (Part 3 of 7 series; what makes you whole?)

Have you ever asked someone for advice, then discussed the problem with someone else for a second opinion, which contradicted the first piece of advice? Then what? You are more confused than ever in what you should be doing. Take heart, seek your own counsel, it works, let me explain; your body gives you the […]

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