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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Laughter (Part 1 of 7 series; What Makes you Whole?)

I was told to write ‘I will not laugh in class,’ 100 times on the board. The teacher sat next to me marking his papers as I wrote I will not laugh in class over and over again. The more I wrote, the more I felt the urge to laugh, which I proceed to do […]

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The Night Thief

To the thief who tried to break and enter my house at 4am. You must have been really shocked when you came face to face with my two best friends. My Rottweiler and my Ridgeback. This is my message to you: At 4am I was awake And I heard the rattle of my gate Go […]

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Writing Fiction

Do you want to write fiction? If so why? I have written Non- fiction such as self-development books and programs which has basically been a spin off from my Social Work days. But there is another side to me, one which might reside with you too. Life can be an utter bore at times, you […]

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