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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Challenge Yourself: Part 5

  Time is running out. It is still the middle of the year. What were those plans you made for this year? What has stopped you from succeeding so far? Is it fear, being time poor or procrastination? There will always be challenges and obstacles. Often it seems that it is never the right time […]

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Challenge Yourself: Part 4 (The Dreaded Procrastination)

The Dreaded Procrastination Procrastination; we all do it from time to time but what about that dreadful overwhelming procrastination that we simply cannot fight off at times? Here are five tips for you to think about next time procrastination knocks at your door. Perhaps your tasks are too long. Try shortening them; decrease the time […]

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Challenge Yourself: Part 3

Time Poor The challenge to get everything done in the time you are allocated can be enormously difficult and stressful. It might be unrealistic to even expect to achieve it, so here is a simple plan to get most things done. 1. Write everything down. Include absolutely everything you need to achieve in the day. […]

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