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2015 What a Blast! It is about attitude! Part 3 of 3

In part 2 of 3 of 2015 What a Blast! It is about attitude! I wrote about how negativity compounds on negativity, just like being positive, also compounds on being a positive, empowered person. When I wrote part 2 of 3, I had no idea I was going to experience the following.

While doing my weekly shopping, I noticed a child fall flat on her back, I thought it odd as children fall forward, but I did not see the beginning of the fall, so the child had my full attention.  Immediately, the mother quickly pulled the crying child along the floor by a belt [restrainer for the child not to run away] that was tied around the child’s waist. While my brain was getting itself into gear deciding whether to revert back to my social work days, act professionally and intervene, or simply to react personally and tell the woman what I thought of her as a parent. I walked over to the woman and began speaking with her and the child making sure the child was ok, while at the same time speaking with the mother in general, but in reality assessing the situation and the mother. To cut a long story short, this lady was in desperate need of assistance, and now receiving it.

Oh yes! 2015, is going to be a blast! However, my question to you is; what are you going to do for someone else, to make their 2015 a blast.