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2015 What a Blast! It is about Attitude! -Part 2 of 3

In part one of ‘2015 What a Blast!’  I wrote a poem about my dog waking me up at 4am. If you think about it, the poem had a lot to do with attitude. I had a choice to be annoyed at being woken up at that early hour or being happy. In the poem you will notice that I woke up with joy, and I even went further to state that I patted my dog in all her favourite places and wished peace, yes, to all the world’s races.

 Now I don’t know about you, but I am certainly not my best at 4am, and could have gotten quite annoyed at the dog, but chose not to. This is only a minor incident, but it certainly reflects life, doesn’t it? There are so many little things in life we get annoyed at, when in fact, we can just reframe the situation into something more positive.

Negativity, compounds, negativity and before you know it- you are just one big negative person, is that what you want for the next year?

Being positive, also compounds on being a positive, empowered person. This is the way to go, oh what a blast! It does not matter what obstacles come your way – big or small, be positive! 2015, is your year to succeed!