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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Self-Motivated, Empowered and into Action. Part 4 of 5 [Motivational author]

Why do I harp on being self-motivated? Especially when I also advocate the importance of having a mentor in your life both personally and professionally, so that you can be proficient in your field of expertise and in personal development? Easy answer, your mentor can not be with you 24/7, your mentor is not going […]

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Dynamite the Dingo Part 1 of 3

If you come to Fraser Island, don’t complain about us Dingos when we bite you. You have invaded our land! Leave us wild dogs alone! Australia is a big country, visit some other part of it! It’s not us wild dogs who should be put down due to your stupidity! Respect us native animals, if […]

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Self-Motivated, Empowered and into Action. Part 3 of 5

[ Motivational Author] Freedom VS Learned Helplessness What fantastic news it was when I was able to take my arm out of my sling! Oh the freedom! Even better, was two weeks later when I got behind the wheel of my car, simply magical to be self-sufficient and free! Yet, there are still very basic […]

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