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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Dream it, action it, and be Realistic Part 1 of 3

Dreams need action for them to work, and you also need to be realistic in your approach to be successful in your personal and business life. In my previous blog, ‘New Mind Set part 3 of 3,’ I gave you three tips for you to have an excellent year in 2014. 1] Flexibility- knowing when […]

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Saturday- Children's day. Percy the Possum

Saturday Children’s day Hi Kids, this is your special day, no school today. Are you going to be creative? Play outside or read a book? Perhaps you have a domesticated animal, and are going to play with him or her. Today I would like to speak about a wild animal. His name is Percy the […]

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New Mindset Part 3 of 3

So you want to be successful in 2014, in both your personal and business life? Fantastic! Let me get straight to the point and not waste your time. Here are 3 tips you can add to your own ideas to have an excellent year in 2014. 1] Persistence is a word you probably have heard […]

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New Mind Set Part 2 of 3

Last week, in part 1 of 3 in this series, I asked the question- How are you going to do things differently this year to be successful in your personal or business life, than you did in 2013. Have you had the chance to think about it? I asked the question because we are all […]

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Story time for kids

Saturday Children’s day Saturday, no school today. What are you going to do? Do you have something special planned? Are you enjoying time with your family and/or friends? There are so many exciting things to do, we never need to get bored do we? Billy the Farm Dog never gets bored. He is always up […]

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New Mindset Part 1of 3

In December 2013 I blogged a poem saying good bye to 2013, perhaps you would like to look at that again [on my site] before reading on. So here we are everyone, starting out in 2014 a brand new year, brand new goals and ideas. We are definitely going to leave all the bad things […]

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