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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Unfinished Business Part 3 of 3

New mindset Good bye 2013! I leave you far behind. The things I regret, I’ve removed from my mind A brand new year, a brand new mindset So many new friends I have not yet met New situations and challenges to take on Oh I can’t wait, 2014 hurry it along ‘Unfinished Business’, I have […]

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Six tips to Solve 'Unfinished Business' Part 2 of 3

Ready or not, we are almost there, 2014! So have you closed 2013 without any regret? Reflecting over your year, did you achieve everything you set out to? While you reflect over your year, I’d like to focus on the ‘Unfinished Business’ in 2013 or go back even further if you have to and close […]

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Unfinished Business Part 1 of 3

Unfinished Business Only a few weeks to 2014. Have you started to prepare for the New Year? Hey wait! Have you actually closed 2013? How many things do we do in life and leave them half undone, then wonder months or years later why some things are really annoying us ? It’s like they come […]

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As December 2013 closes in, what are your thoughts? Did you achieve everything you intended to this year? What could have you done differently? So many tasks to accomplish, so many priorities to decide between to achieve your ultimate success in life. But then, what is success? What does the word success mean to you? […]

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