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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Mindset change

Is your life full of excitement or despair? Can you change your mind set to something different? How? Delece

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Children and Farm Dogs

“I am Billy the dog. I’m a True Blue Cattle Dog and have lived on this farm for a long time. I do things the real way. I sit back and laugh at you so called ‘doggies’ who think you do a decent day’s work. You cannot even run; look at you! You ride a […]

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Storytelling-Children and Dogs

I am Billy the Farm Dog, and Tricksy, the young ‘know it all’ Kelpie are coming on line soon. I don’t care what she says; I am top dog, not her. Storytelling4children2-site coming soon.

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Storytelling- Children

I am Billy the Farm Dog, Other animals and I are up for some terrific adventures coming soon! Do not miss out.

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