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Get Motivated, be Realistic and take your life to the Next Level!


About you

Have you become stuck in life or lost direction? Perhaps you just need a bit of motivation. It is time to become a realist! Life is a mixture of good and bad situations that happens to all of us. Life is not always going to treat you well; you fall over, you get kicked over, and get passed over. But you do not have to stay down; get up, get motivated and start living!


About you

In life, some people have all the luck; everything just falls into place, and they go forward in leaps and bounds. Others are not as successful and give up on their dreams and become disconnected with people and situations.

It is your life, design it the way you want it to be. Never mind what other people want for you in life, your purpose in life is to live your own dreams, not someone else’s.


Be yourself

If you must compare yourself with other people; at least, do it to improve yourself, do not copy their style.
Your aim is to be yourself, not a replica of someone else.
Everybody is unique and different, or should be, otherwise, what is the point of living, who wants to be a robot?


Emotions are part of life

Life is about feeling emotions whether we want to or not, so ask yourself this question when you feel miserable.How can I turn my negative emotions into positive ones? What problem do I have to solve to make me be happy?
Lets face it, if you are not in control of your emotions, then you are a slave to them.

Emotions are part of life, and we feel all of them, the good and the bad. Feeling angry, disappointed, frustration or sad depending on the situation at hand, this is natural. The trick to being fully happy within yourself and life, is not that you have negative emotions, but how quickly you can get out of these negative emotions by solving your problem and propelling yourself into positive emotions and being true happy and prosperous. Lets face it, happy people are more productive.

Master your feelings and master your life.


How long does it take to be happy?

Be realistic! You need to practice being positive all the time.

Be patient, you can change your mindset and change your feelings, thoughts, action and life.



Some people will always criticise you for any reason. It can hurt, you have to put a lot of hard work into your life, how dare they criticise you, right? The question is, why are they criticising you? Who the hell are they? What is their expertise in being human? People who enjoy criticising people are just pain in the butt, ignore them.


Dream on, be realistic and work

Believe in yourself; dream on, work hard and clever and be successful.

The more effectively we deal with the thorns; the more roses will show up in our lives (Delece Ford 2016)


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Adventures of Percy the Possum by Delece Ford

The Power to be Yourself by Delece Ford

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