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Get Motivated, be Realistic and take your Books to the Next Level!


About you

Have you become stuck with your writing or lost direction? Perhaps you just need a bit of motivation. It is time to become a realist! Life is a mixture of good and bad situations that happens to all of us. Life is not always going to treat you well; you fall over, you get kicked over, and get passed over. But you do not have to stay down; get up, get motivated and get writing!


About your writing

The same applies to your characters whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction. In life, some people have all the luck; everything just falls into place, and they go forward in leaps and bounds. Others are not as successful and give up on their dreams and become disconnected with people and situations.

Books reflect life; therefore you are not writing on a blank page, you are writing about characters that come alive to you, make sure they come alive to your readers.


Be yourself

If you must compare yourself with other authors; at least, do it to improve how you work, do not copy their style.
Your aim is to be yourself, not a replica of someone else.
Everybody’s stories are unique and different, or should be, otherwise, what is the point of writing your book.


Emotions are part of life

When thinking about the plot in your book; remember the character’s emotions and how they deal with them. Are they positive or negative? Are the characters a slave to their emotions, or in control of them? For example; if one of your characters is a jealous husband, does he keep his emotion under control and act responsibly or does he allow his emotions to control him by killing his ex-wife’s partner.

Emotions are part of life, make sure they are in your stories, and make sure your readers can feel the emotions.

Use your own feelings to gauge your story.


How many drafts are needed?

Be realistic! You are not going to get the best seller in your first draft! There will be many drafts. Yes, writing is about many drafts before you have the finished product. Oh I know, it is your baby, you have written this brilliant book that you want the world to see, especially with Amazon at your disposal, and you want it out there, right now, you cannot wait a moment longer.

Be patient, drafts perfect your work.



Some people will always criticise you for any reason including your stories. It can hurt, you have to put a lot of hard work into your book, how dare they criticise you, right? The question is, why are they criticising you? Who the hell are they? What is their expertise when it comes to writing? Do they know anything about writing, or are they just jealous, or do they like to see you fail, or do they just enjoy criticising people because they are a pain in the butt?

Listen to constructive criticism only from people who specialise in that field. Do not be discouraged because of people’s criticism, in fact, prove them wrong and be successful in your dreams.


Dream on, be realistic and work

Believe in yourself; dream on, work hard and clever and be successful.

The more effectively we deal with the thorns; the more roses will show up in our lives (Delece Ford 2016)


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