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Get Motivated, be Realistic and take your Success to the next Level!


Have you hit rock bottom; are you on the way down, or do you just need a bit of motivation? Then become a realist! Life is a patchwork of good, bad, wonderful, depressing and fantastic events. It is not always going to treat you well; you fall over, get kicked over, and get passed over. But you do not have to stay down; get up and get motivated!

At times it seems that some people have all the luck; everything just falls into place and they go forward in leaps and bounds. You wonder why them and not you. You have put as much effort in as they have and yet you are not as successful. In fact, you are at the stage where you are thinking of giving up on your goal, your dream. If this is so, or even if you just feel a bit disconnected, I want you to think of three words: transition, transformation and triumph.

Never compare yourself with others.

You need firstly to stop comparing yourself to others. Everybody’s life stories are unique and different. Everybody’s circumstances are different. How we deal with our emotions and what happens to us also can be different. At times, life deals us a bad hand. I am a motivational speaker, true, but I am also a realist. I am not going to tell you that if you think positively, act positively, and visualise your goals and dreams, it will always work out for you. What I am going to tell you is that you need to think positively, act positively and visualise all your goals and dreams in an affirmative way. Also, you will need to deal with your emotions, listen to your gut feelings and work around any obstacles that are thrown your way. But most of all, it is vital that you not to stress about things that are out of your control.

Look within, Reflect and Change.

Life is not all about the roses; we need to deal with some thorns as well. The more effectively we deal with the thorns, the more roses will show up in our lives. By looking at the three pivotal words mentioned earlier—transition, transformation and triumph—we can find out how to nurture the roses in our lives.


1. Transition

This is the time when you are going through change. It is a time for you to reflect on what did and didn’t work for you in the past and to think about what you can realistically change in your life so it becomes more productive. Remember to pay attention to your gut feelings because often we have the answers ourselves. Taking note of these feelings plus dealing with your emotions is a vital part of moving on. Life is a mixture of emotions and they all serve a purpose; every emotion tells a story.

If you are happy and laughing, fantastic you’ve got it! If you are angry, what is your anger telling you? There are good reasons to be angry at times. It is how you deal with your anger that is important, not the fact that you are angry. For example, if you are angry due to some injustice, then become an advocate for a good cause and fight the injustice. That is positive. If you respond negatively because of your anger, that is not a worthy path to follow. The same applies to all emotions; you can react positively or negatively. These emotions are very powerful. They can make or break you. Only you can master your emotions and choose to control them or to become a slave to them.


2. Transformation

If you have reflected on what you have done and made changes to what hasn’t been working for you, naturally there will be some transformations in your life. It might only be small things but imagine if one of your changes was to alter how you deal with your emotions. Instead of taking out your anger on people, you now use the anger in a positive way to fight for a justice issue. What a remarkable difference it would make in your life and the lives of others.

Personal growth is continuous. When this growth is fuelled by transforming your life then you will always be experiencing the sweet smell of happiness as you take back control of your life.


3. Triumph

Whether your wins are small or large, if you continue to act in this optimistic and constructive way, just imagine the changes in your life over a year. Wow! Success as you have never known it!  It is about working constantly on improving your life over time. It is about consistency and never giving up whether you fall over, are kicked over or passed over. Get up, and get motivated to do what you need to be successful. You can do it! The more effectively we deal with the thorns, the more roses will show up in our lives


‘The more effectively we deal with the thorns, the more roses will show up in our lives.’ (Delece Ford 2016)


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